Prokreation Productions means Proactive Creativity for your event and in life.    "Prokreation" with a K because my friends have been calling me PK since the 7th grade  (Paul Kim & Preacher's Kid) and Procreation Productions would sound like a baby making factory.   

We are more than a MC/DJ/Sound company.   We deliver an entertaining experience for you and your guests.   Experience is priceless in the event business and we have successfully served over 500 weddings and events. If there's one art where I'm a Master Black Belt, its Emceeing/DJ-ing weddings.   Our reviews and reputation speaks for itself.    You can have the nicest venue and decorations but if your MC and DJ don't know what they're doing, your entire wedding/event will be painfully awkward.  Your guests will never tell you, but they'll talk about it with raised eyebrows on the way home.   

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