I only work with EXPERIENCED DJs who know what they're doing.

We use a high quality, top of the line sound system, with wireless Mics. and we bring an assistant to help us load in and load out and make everything presentable.  Some DJs will use a basic system for a large wedding, while we make sure to command the room with a system that is loud and clear.  My DJs are real club DJs that can play any type of genre and make the room move and rock.   We get the party going.   Check #ProkreationProductions on Instagram.    We arrive 3 hours before the Ceremony or Reception  (depending on what is needed) and we are fully set up well before the beginning of your program.  

If you already have a DJ,  I can MC but only if the DJ has experience and a great sound system.   Without an experienced DJ or a great sound system, your entire wedding will feel off.   Unless you're on an extremely tight budget, Make sure your Wedding DJ has EXPERIENCE and a Great Sound System. Scratch that,  this isn't a birthday party, this is your wedding!   You need to make sure your DJ has Experience a great sound system.