PK is a regular at The World Famous Laugh Factory in Hollywood, Long Beach, and Las Vegas.  He also performs at The Comedy Store, Improv, Ice House and The Haha.  

He is the Founder, Exec. Director, and MC for ten years of a non profit organization and annual talent show called Kollaboration which is now in its 17th year and draws over 7,000 people in 12 cities.  He has emceed over 80 Kollaboration shows across the country.

He is the Co-Founder of a LINK, Liberty In North Korea, a non-profit organization dedication to bring awareness to the needs of North Korean refugees.

He was invited to The White House as a Champion of Change for his contributions to the community.    

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Prokreation Productions means Proactive Creativity for your event and in life.    "Prokreation" with a K because my friends have been calling me PK since the 7th grade  (Paul Kim & Preacher's Kid) and Procreation Productions would sound like a baby making factory.   

We are more than a MC/DJ/Sound company.   We deliver an entertaining experience for you and your guests.   Experience is priceless in the event business and we have successfully served over 500 weddings and events. If there's one art where I'm a Master Black Belt, its Emceeing/DJ-ing weddings.   Our reviews and reputation speaks for itself.    You can have the nicest venue and decorations but if your MC and DJ don't know what they're doing, your entire wedding/event will be painfully awkward.  Your guests will never tell you, but they'll talk about it with raised eyebrows on the way home.   

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MC for over 80 KOLLABORATION Shows in Theaters across the country.  I emceed two shows at The Shrine Auditorium in LA with 6,000 people. That's me on stage in the picture on the left.   It takes a certain amount of Zen and confidence to not panic and make sure everything runs smoothly at a massive talent show.  Over time, I became a Black Belt at it.  I would see everyone else freak out while I was just calm and made sure everything was running at a high level and I was entertaining the audience.   I bring that high level of experience and entertainment to your wedding.  For more info:  Kollaboration  

Regular at The World Famous Laugh Factory.   Most people do not like public speaking.  Even more are terrified of doing stand up comedy.    I've performed at over 100 colleges across the country and I'm a regular at all the major comedy clubs in Los Angeles.   I'm one of the only legitimate stand up comedians that has is own Wedding MC/DJ company and has emceed hundreds of weddings.   I bring that level of experience and entertainment to your wedding.

I bring your wedding party and you, the groom and bride in the room like you are rock stars, and I keep it classy.  I open the night with a comedic welcome toast.    I write a custom song/toast for each couple based on their Favorites and their first impressions of each other.   And I make fun of people that don't participate and party at weddings.  That keeps the inquiries for our business coming in constantly!    We're booked almost every weekend.  Check out #ProkreationProductions on Instagram